Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Details: Shirt Monogram

This monogram is very original! 
I am not sure how many of you would actually wear it but it's definitely a way to stand out.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Double-Breasted Jackets

The double-breasted look is celebrating a comeback on both the runways and street style. I am not really convinced of the double breasted suit because it is very hard to pull off (you have to be very slim or have an athletic build) but am loving cardigans and informal jackets with that look. The general opinion is that the jacket should also be buttoned at all times, even when sitting, otherwise it will lose its shape and look strange. I actually think it really depends on the material and fit of the jacket. These jackets can be styled with plain white t-shirts or white dress shirts. 

(images by Guerre)

Double-Beasted Wool Cardigan by Jil Sander (expensive but so amazing!)

Great Vest at ASOS

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Tie a Scarf: The Ascot Knot

There are many ways to tie a scarf depending on what you are wearing and how you want to be perceived. Every week I will show you a different tying method until I run out of ideas!

The Ascot Knot

The Ascot Knot can be worn both formal or casual dress codes. I think it is great for wearing with an open jacket and high collar vests. This technique can add an elegant, cool look to any outfit. 

Step 1 Let the middle of the scarf fall on the back of your neck with equal length on both sides.
Step 2 Take one end (A) and bring it towards the other (B).
Step 3 Let A pass from under B.
Step 4 Bring A upwards to make a knot as illustrated.
Step 5 Adjust both the ends equally facing downwards.
On cold days you can try wrapping the scarf around your neck first and then doing the knot. This is also called the twice-around ascot. 

images by Tommy Ton and texeresilk.com

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Details: Bracelets

I think a great piece of men's jewelry is the leather bracelet. You can wear them alone, combine them, stack them or wear them with a watch. They look great dressed up with a blazer and nice shirt or dressed down with a denim shirt. 

Images by Guerre

I really like this leather bracelet by Miansai available at MR. PORTER

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wardrobe Basics: The Scarf

One great piece every man should have in his closet is a warm and stylish scarf. It can be tone in tone with the rest of your outfit or be an absolute eye catcher if you choose a colorful or patterned scarf. You can wear your scarf in various ways, starting by simply wrapping around your neck or making a loop or knot. In a follow up post, I will show you different ways to tie your scarf.  

Images by Tommy Ton

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Pitti Uomo Streetstyle - Denim

Last week at Men's Fashion Week Pitti Uomo in Florence, men were out and about in the cold showing off their style. I found these images by Tommy Ton and especially enjoyed the denim trend that is sticking around for another season. I love the jeans shirts and jackets worn under classic blazers with patterned scarves. 

Images by Tommy Ton

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